How to Buy GOLD with PUBLIC GOLD!


You wanna buy gold? Jom we ajar you 3 ways to buy gold.
1. Full payment (Lump sum)
-Choose item on website ➡️ Make payment ➡️ Collect at nearest branch/GIT


2. Easy Payment Purchase (EPP)
You want to own gold but unable to pay the amount lump sum? We got your back😉
-Choose item on website (1 Dinar and above) ➡️ Pay monthly ➡️ Withdraw your gold once full payment have been made.


3. GAP 
-Register account for free on PG website ➡️ Purchase your gold as low as RM100 or 1g ➡️  Withdraw your gold or keep your saving bigger🤑


*Terms and conditions apply.


For more information, bing us at:

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