Bijak Emas di dalam Harian Metro

Mahukan nama anda dan testimonial anda di dalam Harian Metro. Hubungi saya untuk maklumat selanjutnya. Kepada yang serius ingin mendalami perniagaan emas dan perak fizikal anda adalah orang yang saya cari.

KELEBIHAN menjadi pengedar Public Gold di bawah rangkaian Bijak Emas:

  1. Mendapat komisen/diskaun atas setiap pembelian emas dengan Public Gold.
  2. Capital gain daripada kenaikan harga emas (tak jual pun stok naik harga)
  3. Membeli dengan harga yang murah, dan menjual semasa harga meningkat
  4. Mendapat komisen atas setiap jualan semula emas anda kepada Public Gold.
  5. Untung belian semula emas daripada pelanggan anda (5%-6% lebih murah daripada harga semasa)
  6. Keuntungan berkongsi komisen sesama agent ;)
  7. Kelas dan bimbingan percuma. Nama anda disiarkan di laman web Bijak Emas

Cara-caranya [amat mudah]:-
  1. Call Bijak Emas, nyatakan hasrat anda, berikan NAMA, NO IC, TELEFON, EMAIL dan NO AKAUN MAYBANK atau PUBLIC BANK.
  2. Saya akan lock item untuk anda. [Pembelian emas Public Gold (RM20k or RM100k]
  3. Download borang seperti di bawah dan cetak borang tersebut.
  4. Lengkapkan borang tersebut.
  5. Anda akan mendapat panggilan daripada Public Gold dan juga email Sales Order.
  6. Dalam masa yang sama borang yang telah dilengkapkan itu anda faks ke +6046464916 bersama salinan kad pengenalan atau scan dan emel kepada, c.c
  7. Depositkan jumlah belian emas anda ke dalam akaun Public Gold (no akaun di dalam sale order), simpan resit sebagai bukti dan untuk mengambil stok emas anda.
  8. Faks resit bank ke Public Gold. Anda juga boleh emel ke selepas anda scan resit bayaran. Follow up dengan menghubungi +6046449999 dan minta disambung dengan bahagian Payment.
  9. Bila stok sudah sampai anda bolehlah mengambilnya & memulakan perniagaan emas Public Gold di bawah rangkaian Bijak Emas.
  10. Kelas dan bimbingan akan disediakan. Nama dan lokasi anda akan dipromosikan di dalam laman sesawang ini.

Beli mana-mana produk Public Gold kesukaan anda bernilai RM20 000 atau RM100 000. Jika anda membeli item dengan bermodalkan RM20k, anda akan digelar "Normal Dealer", dan jika anda membeli item dengan RM100k, anda digelar  "Priority Dealer". 

Untuk "Normal Dealer" anda akan mendapat sebanyak 1% daripada setiap belian anda dengan Public Gold. 
Untuk "Priority Dealer" anda layak mendapat komisen sebanyak 1.5%. PD yang memperkenalkan Normal Dealer akan mendapat 0.5% daripada setiap pembelian Normal Dealer beliau.

Komisen jualan semula emas anda kepada Public Gold 0.5% (We Buy + 0.5%)

Bagi yang telah menjadi Normal Dealer, jika jualan terkumpul anda >RM100k [dalam tempoh penilaian setiap 1 tahun], dan memperkenalkan 3 orang Normal Dealer baru, anda akan dilantik menjadi Priority Dealer dan komisen jualan anda akan naik kepada 1.5%.

Syarat-syarat ini adalah untuk anda yang serius ingin menjadi tokey emas yang berjaya :)

Gold prices heading toward cyclical peak around $1,550 - CPM's Christian

Gold prices heading toward cyclical peak around $1,550 - CPM's Christian

Despite the litany of problems the world currently faces, growth is continuing in most parts of the world and some investors believe that the yellow metal is looking a little top heavy.
Author: Geoff Candy
Posted:  Wednesday , 23 Mar 2011 
Gold prices could get as high as $1,550 in the next few months but, this would represent a cyclical peak for the yellow metal.
Speaking to's Gold Weekly podcast, CPM MD, Jeffrey Christian said, that despite all the political turmoil in global markets many investors are beginning to look out for a cyclical high to the gold price.
Christian is quick to point out that while the world faces a litany of problems, including the unrest in the Middle East and the potential for oil supply disruption, sovereign debt problems in Europe and the devastation of Japan, gold prices are already very high.
"Gold prices were never as high as they are now prior to around August or September 2010...also, even in the face of all these economic crises, real economic growth is continuing in most parts of the world - including the United States and Europe."
As a result of this, he says, "you have any number of investors who will say that maybe gold prices are getting close to a cyclical peak or maybe even have passed it - I don't think it has passed it, it's probably coming in the next few weeks.  A lot of investors are saying gold is looking top heavy and let's be honest - the world isn't collapsing, it's facing incredible problems, but it's been facing incredible problems for the last decade and we continue to muddle through and manage with these issues."
Christian also points to developments in the futures market as evidence of what is likely to happen to gold prices.
"Right now in the April contract, which is the active contracts in the Comex you have 23 million ounces of open interest.  Now that's down from 32 million ounces at the beginning of March, so you've seen about a third of the open interest go away."
He does add, however, that, "over the course of the rest of March and into the first week of April, those people who were short 23 million ounces of gold in the Comex April contracts have to either buy those contracts back, roll them forward or find physical metal to deliver into them.  Most of them will be rolled forward, but all three of those actions have the effect of driving the price up on a temporary basis - that's another reason why we think that we may be approaching a cyclical peak in the next few weeks, is because the move into the April contracts often is the occasion for cyclical peak in the gold market."
According to Christian, another factor underpinning his belief that we are heading toward a peak is the seasonality of gold prices, which tend to be strongest from December through to April, after which they tend to weaken going into the Northern Hemisphere summer.
Asked where the trough might be, once the peak has been reached, Christian says, CPM is expecting prices to come down to around $1,250, $1,300 initially, after which they could fall as low as $1,150 over the course of the middle of 2011.

欧洲央行对通胀担忧 白银借此创出新高


Does Disaster Drive the Gold Price?

Who in the West chooses to buy or sell gold because of a demo in the Yemen...?

IT'S NOW a media tradition for moves in the Gold Price to be related to some political event, natural disaster or civil war, writes Julian Phillips at the GoldForecaster.

We find this habit unfortunate, because it is misleading. For instance, last week we were informed that the Gold Price had risen in the Dollar, because of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. In fact it was almost entirely accounted for by the fall in the Dollar against the Euro.

The Gold Price shows its market movements most clearly in the Euro, not in the US Dollar. A glance across the Euro gold price of the last week reinforces that statement, whereas the Gold Price in the Dollar clearly shows the movements in the Euro plus the moves of the US Dollar against the Euro.

This piece looks at some of the worst of the misleading statements that may confuse or misdirect gold and silver investors, should they add credence to these statements. It also looks at what pieces of news will move gold and Silver Prices.

What does not affect the gold and Silver Prices? Investors should stop for a moment when they read a headline attributed to affecting the Gold Price and ask, "What investor will go into the gold market, sell his currency and buy or sell gold or silver, because of a demonstration in the Yemen, or a bomb in Bali?" How will that event feed through to cause this unrelated market to react to such news through the buying or selling of that metal? The event must initially cause a financial ripple causing uncertainty globally or instability, to the extent that it will affect the global centers of finance. No matter what sympathies one may or may not have with the cause involve, unless they feed through to global financial markets, they will not cause an investor to buy or sell any unrelated financial product.

Today, in Japan, the company that owns the nuclear reactors is down 23% in price. Companies that make cars and rely on the power company for power are down 6% and more , because they have closed down. This identifies clearly how the ripple of disaster will cause those companies in losses. Thus the damage is priced in reasonably. However, does Japan's disaster affect the Dow Jones or the FTSE or the CAC40? No, of course not, so why should it affect the gold and Silver Prices? This is what you the investor must filter out.

How could Japan's disaster affect the gold and Silver Price? To the extent the disaster affects the value of the Yen in international markets, yes, it may prompt investors to place some Yen investments into gold, but we believe this will depend on the impact the additional liquidity the Bank of Japan has pumped into the markets and its cheapening affect on the Yen, more than the disaster itself. It sounds callous, but sad to say money has little emotion if any.

What news does affect the gold and Silver Prices? The US Dollar exchange rate moves against the Euro produce an almost immediate change in the Dollar Gold Price. The same will apply to the Gold Price in local currencies against the Dollar and in turn the Euro. This is because the market records real changes in Gold Prices in the Euro not in the US Dollar.

The same is true of Gold Prices in any other currency, although they tend to reflect the change against the US Dollar, which then moves against the Euro.

Many used to believe that the oil price was a Gold Price determinant, until the oil price popped its cork and ran up to $145 in 2007. It was then realized that the oil price, insofar as it measured instability or uncertainty, affected the Gold Price, but not in a direct, fixed ratio. Of course, had the demonstrations in Egypt led to the closure of the Suez Canal, an oil crisis across the globe would have been precipitated. Riots in Yemen, where there is no significant oil will not affect the oil price, nor precious metals. But if the riots in Bahrain affect oil production there, or lead to them crossing the causeway into Saudi Arabia and led to a cut in oil production there, then there would be a global oil crisis and all global financial markets would react strongly. This is because of the volume of oil that could not be produced and the ripple through to the global economy. The precious metal prices would then soar for as long as the crisis remained unresolved.

Should high oil prices persist and not simply be a 'spike', then they will heavily impact inflation worldwide. This will cause gold and silver to rise as money cheapens.

The switch from the pricing of oil from only the Dollar to any currency or even a basket of selected currencies would undermine the US Dollar in the monetary world and lead to a strong upward rise in the gold and Silver Prices.

A significant purchase of gold by a signatory of the Central Bank European Gold Agreement would change the world's perspective on gold in the monetary system.

Any news that directly affects the structure of the global monetary system would have a rapid and deep impact on precious metal prices.

Confirmation of the decay in the global monetary system (such as a failure of Ireland to renegotiate its 'bailout' terms) would indicate that Irish debt would have no market and threaten the stability of the Eurozone. This would prompt precious metal buying to escape the damaging impact on the Euro and on the future of the global monetary system.

China selling US Treasuries on a persistent ongoing basis would do the same as this would directly indicate the slow demise of the US Dollar as a credible global reserve currency.

As to day to day news, much as it may make an appealing story, most supposed drivers of day to day gold and Silver Prices do not drive people to Buy Gold or silver.

In the Far East the emerging (India, China etc) more than the developed nations (Japan) look at gold and silver as financial security, some way above government or bank investments or equity investments. There, the ongoing realization that gold and silver are real money, drive gold and silver markets more than any sudden event.

However, there are times when an investor may rely on the emotional appeal of a piece of news rush into the gold market only to find the market did not react subsequently. The media are there to 'sell' stories, but investors have to discern the impact if they are to maximize profits.

Buy Gold at BullionVault - "If there's an easier way, I've yet to find it!" says one long-time user...
Julian D.W. Phillips, 15 Mar '11


PG Sunway: Seminar Mac & Dewan Seminar Baru

Admin ingin mengumumkan Public Gold telah membuka sebuah dewan seminar terbaru di Sunway. Alamat dewan seminar seperti dibawah
Public Gold Sunway Seminar Hall
16-1A,Jalan PJS 8/6,
Sunway Mentari Plaza,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan 

Lokasi Dewan Seminar Baru

Ia bertujuan untuk memenuhi permintaan para pendengar dan peminat emas yang semakin bertambah setiap hari. Dengan adanya ruang yang lebih besar akan memberi keselesaan kepada para hadirin nanti.

Antara seminar yang akan diadakan pada bulan Mac ini ialah

Title: Mengenal Nilai Cinta Emas
Speaker:Dr Azahari Othman aka Dr Luv
Waktu: 830 mlm - 1030mlm

Jumaat, 11/3/2011
Title: New Dealer Orientation
Speaker: Ms Katrina Lim
Waktu: 830 mlm - 1030 mlm
Yuran: RM10 (sijil penyertaan disediakan)

Rabu, 16/3/2011
Title: Emas & Skill Asas Penggunaan Stok Emas
Speaker: Pokli (
Waktu: 830 mlm - 1030 mlm

Sabtu, 19/3/2011
Title: Silver Seminar (English)
Speaker: Mr Tan KK (Nan Yang Columnist)
Waktu: 1100 pg - 0100 ptg

Sabtu, 26/3/2011 (Sesi 1)
Title: Peluang Perniagaan Emas Public Gold
Speaker: Syukor Hashim (
Waktu: 0300 ptg - 0500ptg

Sabtu, 26/3/2011 (Sesi 2)

Title: Peluang Perniagaan Emas Public Gold
Speaker: Syukor Hashim (
Waktu: 0830 mlm - 1030mlm

Ahad, 27/3/2011
Title: Enterprenuership with Public Gold
Speaker: Syukor Hashim & Dr Azahari Othman (Dr LUV)
Waktu: 1000 pg - 0100 ptg

Rabu, 30/3/2011
Title: Emas & Skill Asas Penggunaan Stok Emas
Speaker: Pokli (
Waktu: 830 mlm - 1030 mlm


InsyaAllah admin akan berada PG Sunway pada tarikh di atas. Jom kita berkenal-kenal dan menjadi pengedar Public Gold-Bijak Emas

Gold strikes record at $1,440 on Libya chaos!

LONDON : Gold glistened last week, striking a record peak as investors hunted for a safe haven amid violent unrest in Libya that has sparked fears about spreading instability in the Middle East and North Africa.
New York crude crossed $104 per barrel to reach the highest level for 30 months as the African nation was forced to slash exports.
"Unrest in the region continues apace, with Libya effectively remaining out of the oil market; while the replacement of the lost Libyan barrels is eating into spare capacity, rampant demand growth is adding further pressure," said Barclays Capital analyst Sudakshina Unnikrishnan.
Commodities won further support on Friday as the euro bounced above $1.40 for the first time in nearly four months, after a surprise drop in the US unemployment rate and accelerated job creation. A weaker greenback makes dollar-priced commodities cheaper for buyers holding other currencies and tends to stimulate demand.
Precious metals: Gold peaked at $1,440.32 per ounce on Wednesday, while silver struck a 30-year high of $35.36 on Friday. On the London Bullion Market, gold closed the week at $1,427, up from $1,402.50 a week earlier. Silver closed at $34.43, up from $32.54. On the London Platinum and Palladium Market, platinum climbed to $1,828 an ounce from $1,791 and palladium rose to $811 from $785.
Oil: New York crude surged to $104.32 on Friday, a level last seen on Sept 29, 2008, as violence escalated in Libya.
"It seems likely that soon there will be no oil exports at all from Libya, a loss of 1.4 million barrels per day to the global markets, and a particular concern to refiners in Italy and elsewhere in Europe," said said Deutsche Bank analyst Adam Sieminski.
The head of Libya's National Oil Corporation, Shukri Ghanem, said on Thursday that production had been halved.
Brent crude has been trading higher than WTI partly because of high US energy inventory levels.
"It's taken a while for the WTI contract to wake up to the potential stresses in the oil market," said GFT analyst David Morrison.
Brent crude for April delivery rallied in London on Friday to $115.77, compared with $111.57 a week earlier. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, Texas light sweet crude for April traded at $103.45, compared with $97.24 a week earlier.Base metals: Prices mainly rose as traders took direction from the faltering dollar. On the London Metal Exchange (LME), copper for delivery in three months rose to $9,935 a tonne from $9,711 a week earlier. Three-month aluminium increased to $2,612 from $2,558, lead to $2,638 from $2,495, tin eased to $31,750 from $31,788, zinc to $2,491.25 from $2,493, while nickel rallied to $28,900 from $27,710.
Cocoa: The market continued to trade at 30-year highs amid worsening unrest in top producer Ivory Coast.
On the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE), cocoa for May rallied to 2,414 a tonne from 2,371 a week earlier.On the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT), cocoa for May increased to $3,766 a tonne from $3,637 a week earlier.
Sugar: Prices gained ground on the NYBOT, with unrefined sugar for delivery in May rising to 30.62 US cents a pound from 27.64 cents a week earlier. On the LIFFE, a tonne of white sugar for May increased to 759.30 from 699.50 a week earlier.
Coffee: Prices hit a 34-year high in New York as traders fretted over inventories that are at their lowest levels since the International Coffee Organisation started tracking them in the 1960s. On the NYBOT, Arabica for delivery in May rose to 277.30 US cents a pound from 266.55 cents a week earlier. On the LIFFE, Robusta for May rose to $2,403 a tonne from $2,328 a week earlier. AFP

Terkini! Promosi Menjadi Pengedar Public Gold-Bijak Emas


Jika anda serius untuk menjadi peniaga emas, ini adalah peluang keemasan anda. Bak kata orang, Oppurtunity knocks once...better grab it.


Cakap Omputih plak - by my agent Dina Talib


Kalu korang tak paham bahasa melayu,  try baca artikel dr pengedar Bijak Emas Pn Dina Talib. Simple dan direct to the point. Tak paham jugak call Pn Dina, kalu masih ragu2 call me 0192238096. :) 



My friends always ask me this question. Is it still a good time to buy?

My answer is, "Why Not? What are you afraid of?

Most of their answer is, "The price can come down."

I ask them back, "Can you time the market?"

They reply, "No."

I ask again, "What if the price goes up instead?"

** Quiet ** (No answer)

I will advise them, "If you buy now, and the price goes down, you buy again, adding to your investment. Your investment cost per gram is cheaper from the first time you buy"

An example :

You buy 20g gold bar on 10th Dec, 2010 at RM 3135. Your investment cost is RM156.7/g

The price goes down and 20g gold bar is only RM3090 today.

You can buy again.

If you buy, at RM3090 today, your total investment cost is now RM 6125 but you own 40 g of gold. Your investment cost is now RM153.1/g. The cost is now cheaper by RM3.6/g.

So, your opportunity to gain is at a higher rate now.

Physical Gold Investment is a better avenue for medium to long term investment. You must keep your gold bars and dinars for atleast 2 years before you can reap the return. The longer you keep, the better the return in.

The pictures below show three charts :-

1. 60 days Gold price up to 16 th February, 2011

2. 6 months Gold price up to 16th February, 2011

3. 1 year Gold price up to 16th February, 2011

Your question on "Is it still a good time to buy?" is answered here. Yes, because, the price today is still a low price compared to last year end price. Last year end price is at USD 1421.60/oz whilst today, the price moves from USD 1370/oz to USD 1376/oz. This is already a discounted price of at least 3.3%.

Observe the chart, the graph has a bottom at USD1314.90/oz somewhere at the end of January 2011. The trend is moving upwards now. The price may already make a rebound. My advice is to catch the price before it shoots up. How to buy physical gold?

You will come out with a different question. "Will the price go up?" "Of course" See the 6 months Gold price chart, the lowest price is USD1224.70/oz. You will never see this price again to buy, at least for the next 1 - 2 years. Where will the price go? It will go up.

How much will the return be? I have no answer to that but you can see the last one year chart.

Taking the highest price with the lowest, the return is 31% in one year. Better illustration is shown in 10-years Chart.

Can you calculate how much is the return on investment for 10 years?

So, What stops you from owning gold now?

If you have a Facebook account, you can sight my photo album of gold & silver. You may find good insights & comments there.


Ejen Bijak Emas dengan website mereka

Logo rasmi Bijak Emas
Salam all,

Kami ingin mewar-warkan website ejen-ejen sekutu Bijak Emas. Kami berharap anda memperoleh manfaat daripada website-website ini.



DinaTalib.Blogspot.Com ~ Personal Views

My Clever Gold 


Jom ramai-ramai kita mantapkan ilmu emas dan perak di dada! Yang serius untuk menjadi pengedar Bijak Emas anda boleh menghubungi Admin. Kami sedia membantu.......

Bijak Emas -  Saya mesti pilih!

Kerajaan Perak lancar dinar emas dan dirham perak untuk simpanan dan pelaburan

Kerajaan Perak menempa sejarah apabila melancarkan
syiling dinar emas dan dirham perak sebagai instrumen
pelaburan dan simpanan pertama di dunia
yang menggunakan kandungan emas dan perak tulen.
Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir,
berkata usaha memperkenalkan dinar emas dan dirham perak
di negeri ini bermula sejak 2005 lagi dengan kerjasama
Ketua Jabatan Kewangan, Ekonomi dan Pengurusan Sains
IIUM, Prof Ahamed Kameel Mydeen Meera.
“Saya mengadakan beberapa siri perbincangan dengan
 Prof Ahamed Kameel yang bertanggungjawab dalam
hal ini dan seterusnya membawa kepada detik bersejarah
 pelancaran dinar emas dan dirham perak yang
menggunakan kandungan emas 24K dan perak tulen.
“Kualiti dinar dan dirham yang kita lancarkan
 ini lebih baik daripada yang dihasilkan pada
zaman Khalifah Abd Malik Ibn Marwan
iaitu 1,357 tahun lalu yang hanya 97 peratus emas.
“Sebaliknya kerajaan Perak memperkenalkan dinar emas
dan dirham perak yang pertama di dunia menggunakan
kandungan emas 24K dan 99.9 peratus perak.
“Penting juga untuk diketahui umum bahawa dinar dan
dirham ini bukan bertujuan menggantikan mata wang atau
menjadi transaksi dalam urusan jual beli”, katanya
kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan dinar emas dan
dirham perak milik kerajaan Perak di Ipoh hari ini.

Projek itu dijayakan hasil kerjasama strategik GoldNet International Sdn. Bhd. dan
Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak (PKNP). Pada majlis itu juga, Dr Zambry turut
melancarkan buku ‘The Real Money’ yang disunting oleh Prof Ahamed Kameel.
Sementara itu, Dr Zambry berkata, kerajaan negeri juga
yakin pengenalan dirham emas dan dirham perak mampu
menggalakkan perkembangan sektor baru seperti perkhidmatan
selain membuka peluang pekerjaan dalam bidang berkaitan.
Jelasnya, permintaan untuk memiliki dinar emas dan
dirham perak ini diterima dari Brunei dan Singapura dan
sebagai permulaan, masing-masing 1,000 keping syiling dinar
emas dan dirham perak dikeluarkan dengan nilai RM3 juta.
Minat untuk memiliki emas sebagai pelaburan dan simpanan
juga katanya, menunjukkan sambutan yang semakin meningkat
baik dari kalangan umat Islam mahupun bukan Islam.
Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Pengerusi Eksekutif GoldNet
International Sdn Bhd, Datuk Rais Hussin Mohamed Arif, berkata
dalam keadaan krisis ekonomi global yang dihadapi sekarang, dinar emas
dan dirham perak adalah alternatif pilihan bagi mempelbagaikan pelaburan \
dan melindungi wang simpanan daripada inflasi.
Tambahnya, inflasi adalah satu fenomena ekonomi yang kerap berlaku dan emas
 pula boleh bertahan nilainya dengan baik pada jangka masa panjang.
“Oleh itu, emas merupakan satu benteng yang baik terhadap inflasi selain boleh
 digunakan sebagai menunjukkan rasa cinta dan kasih sayang, penghargaan,
pengiktirafan prestasi serta mengikuti agama kerana ia
boleh digunakan untuk membayar zakat,” katanya.
Tambahnya, setiap pembelian dinar emas dan dirham perak ini akan
disumbangkan kepada tabung wakaf untuk dimanfaatkan oleh umat Islam
yang kurang berkemampuan.
Rais Hussin berkata, pembuatan dinar emas dan dirham perak berkualiti tinggi
 itu membabitkan sebuah syarikat tempatan berpangkalan di Kuala Kangsar,
iaitu Mariwasa Kraftangan Sdn. Bhd.
“Dinar dan dirham Perak ini direka secara unik. Jata negeri Perak ditempa
di bahagian muka hadapan wang syiling tersebut sementara
reka bentuk klasik dinar Islam yang pertama kali digunakan semasa zaman
Khalifah Abdul Malik Marwan pula dicetak di bahagian belakang.
“Dinar Perak merupakan wang syiling seberat 4.25 gram 24K emas sementara
dirham pula adalah seberat 3 gram 99.9 syiling perak.,” katanya dan satu
dinar emas dijual pada harga RM690 manakala koleksi dirham dijual dengan RM260.
GoldNet juga katanya, melantik pengedar tempatan iaitu Nubex Sdn. Bhd.
yang akan membeli dan menjual dinar serta dirham Perak ke seluruh
Malaysia termasuk luar negara.
“Nubex juga sedang dalam perbincangan dengan Yayasan Pembangunan
Ekonomi Islam Malaysia (Yapeim) untuk mengedarkan syiling tersebut
 kepada pelbagai rangkaian cawangan yayasan tersebut,” katanya.

lagi gambar-gambar....

Nota: Admin sebagai salah seorang anak Perak amat berbangga dengan 
perkembangan terbaru ini. Awek yang pegang dinar n dirham tu bole 
tahan jugak kan...hehehe. 
Tapi menda yang dipegangnya tu lagi menyusuk kalbuku. 
Jatuh hati pada dinar n dirham Perak.
OK..yang mahukan ilmu emas dan perak jangan segan-segan nak call admin. 
Talian sentiasa on 24 jam mcm 7-Eleven plak. 
Yang nak memiliki emas pun trus aje call admin...dapatkan harga yang menarik!
Lastly kepada yang berminat nak menjadi ejen Bijak Emas dan bergiat 
dengan bersungguh-sungguh dalam perniagaan emas Public Gold anda 
wajib hubungi admin dengan segera. 
Fast action, fast result. Jangan tunggu-tunggu...