Gold hasn't lost its mojo - upward path to resume

By : Jeffry Nichols* from

With the greenback merely "the best-looking horse on its way to the glue factory", the global economic imbroglio will lead to gold regaining its mojo and hitting new heights.
Gold's recent performance has certainly been a major disappointment to the many analysts and investors who have been anticipating another stellar year for the yellow metal.  But the year is hardly over . . . nor is gold's long-term bull market.
I believe we will see a reversal of gold's fortunes and new all-time highs, if not this year then certainly in 2013.  Moreover, the now decade-long advance in the metal's price could last another five-to-ten years given the global economic challenges that lie ahead.
For now, gold's short-term prospects remain uncertain.  So far this year, gold has traded at well beneath its all-time high of $1,924 recorded last September.  Its subsequent low near $1,520 an ounce registered in late December now, in recent days, again seems to be a vulnerable support level.  As we have previously cautioned, a fall back to $1,520 - or even lower - is certainly possible before gold resumes its long-term ascent.

Gold hovers near $1,560 per ounce; Greece woes feed caution

By Rujun Shen from

(Reuters) - Gold hovered near $1,560 an ounce on Thursday, remaining on shaky ground as worries about Greece and the euro zone continued to dominate market sentiment after a European Union summit yielded few practical steps to manage the debt crisis.
Gold, typically a safe-haven option, has been moving in tandem with riskier assets as the euro zone debt problem grinds on. Senior officials have advised European leaders to prepare contingency plans in case Greece quits the single currency, although the EU urged Athens to stay the course on austerity.
Light buying in the physical market emerged when prices fell towards a key support level near $1,530 in the previous session, but selling trickled in as prices rebounded.
"Clients are not too interested in entering the market right now," said a Singapore-based dealer. "They are worried that if Greece eventually pulls out of the euro zone, the euro will fall and drag gold down with it."
Spot gold was nearly flat at $1,560.50 an ounce by 4.00 a.m. EDT, after dropping to $1,533.41 in the previous session.

Gold, Silver Prices Continue To Decline On US Dollar Strength

European markets traded lower today as European Commission stated that European economy will shrink in the current year with negative outlook after countries from Spain to Italy faced recession. According to the commission, GDP will increase by 1 percent in 2013 after declining by 0.3 percent in 2012. Additionally, escalating political turmoil in Europe also led to rise in risk aversion in the global markets.

India’s industrial output unexpectedly declined by 3.5 percent (y-o-y) in March as against an annual rise of 4.1 percent in February. Manufacturing output declined by 4.4 percent (y-o-y) in March from a rise of 4 percent a month ago.

Strength in the US Dollar Index (DXM2) coupled with a rise in risk aversion in the global markets due to worsening tensions in the eurozone exerted downside pressure on the gold and silver prices today. Silver, being an industrial metal also took cues from downside in  base metals pack today.

The base metals complex traded on a negative note today on the back of rising worries over Europe’s debt crisis, coupled with strength in the US Dollar IIndex. Additionally, weak sentiments in the markets also acted as a negative factor for metal prices. 

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Comex Gold Rises After U.S. Jobs Report, But Gains Limited Since Data Mixed

by Allen Sykora from

(Kitco News) - Gold traded modestly higher for most of Friday’s session after a softer-than-forecast rise in U.S. employment during April was construed to mean a slightly increased chance for more Federal Reserve easing and, just as significantly, also cooled worries about how quickly policy-setters eventually might hike interest rates farther in the future whenever an economic recovery gains traction.
The data did not result in a sudden and sharp move, however, with some characterizing the report as somewhat mixed since employment was revised higher for prior months.
As of 12:35 p.m. EDT, gold for June delivery was $6.30, or 0.4%, higher at $1,641.10 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Much of the market’s recent focus has been on whether to expect looser monetary policy by the Federal Open Market Committee. Thus, gold has tended to fall when strong data and hawkish Fed comments were construed to mean less chance of a third round of quantitative easing, but to rise on weak data and dovish comments.