Royal Collection Announcement

Do you know today gold price is cheaper than year 2011? 
YEAR   Price/ozPrice/g
2011      USD 1600/oz (Average)RM 170/g (Average)
2013      USD 1350/oz (Today 20/5/2013)RM 143/g (Today 20/5/2013)

So what does it means? It means this is the perfect time to TOP-UP & PROTECT YOUR WEALTH!!
  -Children Education Fund;
  -Retirement Fund;
  -Dowry/ Trousseau;
  -Monthly Saving;
  -Investment Diversification;

For coin collectors & for those who wish to fulfil his/her social responsibility, we have good news for you as well! 
Isn’t it be great if you could help the children while collecting your favourite coins? It is such a meaningful coin! HOW?

Collect a set of Royal Collections Dinar Set at only RM20,000; or
a set of Royal Collections Dirham Set at RM1,000!

*All profits will be contributed to Yayasan Anak-Anak Yatim Sultanah Haminah.