September 2011 Promotion: i-Plan
i-Plan= i-buy + i-save + i-like
Promotion Description: 
Promotion period        : 1st September 2011 until 30th September 2011
Promotion type           : Buy i-Series 22k jewellery and get rewarded package.
 RM100 cash voucher rebate

FREE iPad 2
Every purchase of 100gm i-Series 22k in a single invoice will be rewarded with ONE RM100 Public Gold cash voucher.
*Purchase could be from a mixture of 5gm, 10gm, 20gm, 50gm, or 100gm i-series
There’s more!!!
An accumulative purchase of RM500, 000.00 during the above mentioned period would be entitled for an iPad 2 for FREE.


*Terms and condition:
1. This promotion is open for all customers and Public Gold dealers.
2. This promotion is only applicable for purchase of Public Gold i-Series 22k Product and applicable only for purchase made during the above mentioned promotion period.
3. The RM100 Public Gold cash voucher would be given ONLY during product collection (full payment).
4. Purchases through Easy Payment Purchase (EPP) would NOT qualify for this promotion.
5. iPad 2 qualifiers will be handed the unit(s) qualified during 11th November 2011 (Gala Dinner 2011).
6. The accumulative calculation on the RM500, 000.00 per unit is only eligible with condition that all accumulative purchase payment is settled strictly by 15th October 2011.
7. The accumulative calculation is based purely on personal sales ONLY.
*Personal sales define as personal purchase which entitles buyer to qualify for both RM100 cash voucher and iPad 2 calculations.
*Personal sales also include dealers recruiting new dealers, this accumulation will only entitle for the iPad 2 calculation.
8. Every individual or account is entitled to a maximum of 2 units of iPad 2 ONLY.
Options are open for any new customer who wishes to join as Dealers or Priority Dealer through this promotion.

1. Public Gold’s management team holds the right to make the final decision if in case any dispute or disagreement occurs.