GOLD graphs - see it to believe it

All this graphs are from For the last 30 days, the highest price reach USD1142/oz and lowest is USD1096/oz. How about last 60 days? It shows here on the graph number 2 that an increase of 0.76%.

Let us see this graph, GOLD price for the last 6 months. Highest is USD1217.40/oz while lowest is USD990.20. An increase of 8.93% in 6 months, way better than we keep our paper money in ASB, which last year declare about 7% of dividen.

As a smart consumer and person, you should by now know what gives you the best return for your investment. GOLD is one of investment that is low in risk and gives you high profits. Remember that saving in GOLD is a long term investment and one of many other ways to invest for your future.

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