Siapa tak teruja melihat emas yang berketul-ketul ini?
  1. EMAS ialah kekayaan yang sebenar - aset sebenar.
  2. EMAS mempunyai nilai intrinsik - semua orang di muka bumi ini tahu EMAS adalah barang berharga.
  3. Harga EMAS sentiasa meningkat dalam jangka masa panjang - 2005-2009 peningkatan sebanyak 250%
  4. Nilai  wang kertas sentiasa jatuh dalam jangka masa panjang - contoh, Zimbabwe, Jerman, Perancis, Iceland.
  5. EMAS adalah aset yang terunggul - penyimpan kekayaan.
  6. EMAS tidak boleh dimanipulasi - tidak boleh dimusnahkan.
  7. EMAS sukar diperolehi - menyebabkan harganya tinggi. 

Why Buy Gold?

  • Gold is the only money that has never failed in the 5,000 year history of its use by humans.
  • Currently, there is only enough investment-grade gold available on Earth for every living person to have 1/3rd of an ounce.
  • Time and again throughout human history, gold has been revalued to account for all excess currency in circulation. Today, to account for all the U.S. dollars printed by the Federal Reserve, gold would have to be revalued at $15,000 per ounce.
  • In times of crisis, gold is the safest investment that also has the greatest potential to increase your wealth.
  • Gold is a completely private and anonymous investment that is also extremely portable.


The Precious Metal Gold

“We have gold because we cannot trust Governments.” President Herbert Hoover

Gold Characteristic
Gold is a chemical element which can only be found and not manufactured. Gold is known for its rarity, softness, density and good in electrical conductivity.   Until today, a total of 161,000 tonnes of gold have been mined in human history, as of 2009 (National Geographic: "The Real Price of Gold" by Brook Larmer). This is roughly equivalent to 5.175 billion troy ounces. The following are some gold's characteristic:

Chemical symbol: Au
Atomic no.: 79
Atomic weight: 196.967
Specific gravity: 19.32
Tensile strength: 11.9
Melting point: 1,063 degree
Hardness (Brinell): 25

Karat Gold Conversions
Karat is a measurement of the purity of gold in an alloy. Each karat represents a ratio of 1/24 ­purity, indicating how many parts out of 24 are pure. Therefore, 24 karat gold is pure, while 18 karat gold is ¾ gold and ¼ alloy (Dictionary of international trade: handbook of the global trade community by Edward G. Hinkelman). Below are some example common used in bullion: -

24-karat = 0.995 to 0.000 pure (fine) gold
22-karat = 0.916 pure (fine) gold
18-karat = 0.750 pure (fine) gold
14-karat = 0.583 pure (fine) gold
10-karat = 0.4167 pure (fine) gold

Source: The ABCs of Gold Investing "How to Protect and Build Your Wealth With Gold" Second Edition - Michael J. Kosares

Gold Weights and Measures
By tradition gold is quoted and traded in troy ounces, these having been adopted by the U.S. Mint for the regulation of coinage in 1828. Unlike 'normal' pounds and ounces there are 12 troy ounces to the troy pound rather than 16.  But a troy pound weighs less than in imperial pound (0.82 British/US pounds).
Cutting through all that nonsense a troy ounce is approximately 0.031kg or 31 grams.
The following gives an approximate conversion between traditional and metric weights.

         Troy Ounce                 Kilograms             Grams  
                1                           0.031104             31.104
                12                         0.37325               373.25
                32.150                  1.000                    1000

Sources: (http://www.galmarley.com/framesets/fs_fundamental_properties_faqs.htm)